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Efficient sales with a online-configurator

If your company’s range of products goes beyond standard design, your customer will need a system that enables him to manage the large number of possible combinations. This applies irrespective of whether it is a dealer or an end customer. Providing the customer with greater product configuration flexibility increases the value of your product to him. A good example of this is vehicle sales. The customer can choose a particular model as a basis and then make a series of decisions, thus configuring the vehicle according to his wishes: colour, engine, wheels, air conditioning, cushioning material and the automatic sunroof are just a few examples.

Our configurator provides the optimal solution. It allows your customer to configure the product according to his wishes, without it becoming complicated or confusing. Of course, you have the option to define dependencies or exclusions. Depending on the system configuration, the customer also has the option to obtain a real-time offer. Rights management allows for different cost estimates for end customers and dealers. The management of marketing promotions, packages or dealer-specific accessories is possible, just as dealer post costing or the issue of uniform price labels according to your corporate identity (CI) for the dealer. The configurator is optimised for desktop PCs, iPads and Android tablets so that your dealer can also directly perform configuration activities at the device or vehicle, together with the end customer.



Online-Configurator - a win-win situation for you and your customers

Your company, intermediate dealers and your end customers can equally benefit here. In addition to the enormous saving of time achieved, compared to using paper catalogues or separate component lists, a configurator also offers further advantages:
All configurations can be transferred online into your PPS system.
You can also evaluate customer requirements or specific local features, even if a sale was not made. This provides your Marketing and Sales departments with valuable information.

Our software is able to process and quickly retrieve large amounts of data. So it makes no difference if 1 or 500 colours are offered for selection. You can also offer photos of equipment or 360-degree views. Your customer is thus able to get an impression of his desired product. Create price quotes and enter information about technical details and delivery times.

Your advantage:
Distinguish yourself from "silent" providers on the web and demonstrate your competency to your customers. Your dealers get a tool that provides them with optimal support to eliminate errors in their daily consulting activities. With correct configuration, your work preparation processes are supplied with production-ready data. This avoids queries and errors.

Your benefit:
Save manpower by reducing the amount of queries from sales. Keep your work preparation processes lean and also save costs here. Presenting your products on the Internet increases the demand for your products. Multi-brand dealers get a tool that enables them to provide their customers with fast and error-free consulting. This leads to a dealer preference for your products. Your sales increase.

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