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Dealer Portal

Provide your dealers with a premium communication platform. Our Dealer Portal offers your customers information, consulting and reliability in their sales activities.

Aftersales is important and contributes to the purchasing decision. When it comes to complex capital goods and high-quality consumer goods, a well-organised aftersales service is decisive in the customer’s choice of product and a competitive advantage for you. Our Dealer Portal ensures complete, error-free data management. Up-to-date and complete spare parts catalogues, an efficient warranty processing system and a sophisticated information management system offer valuable support in day-to-day sales activities. Many processes can be completed easily and quickly. Time-consuming inquiries and multiple checks are no longer necessary. Sources of error are minimised.

We use our experience from our Documentation, Graphics, IT and Management departments to design your Dealer Portal. The result is a portal that is specifically geared towards your business needs. Your dealers convey this quality feature to your end customers and thus contribute to the success of your products in the market.



Customised solutions for your Dealer Portal

We will incorporate special features that are important for your industry into your portal. Our close cooperation with you and the relevant departments in your company contribute to success.

Your advantage:
Benefit from the expertise of our employees from the various departments within our company and the complex requirements of our long-standing customers. Our portals are always up to date thanks to the synergies achieved and continuous further development of our products. Operator guidance is practical, convenient and straightforward. Usability is the guiding principle for the functions. Our concept takes into account economic aspects, your budget and your goals.

Your benefit:
Our expertise based on experience in a wide variety of industries and different organisational structures enables us to offer a suitable portal at the best possible economic conditions. The multiple use of data speeds up operations and avoids planning errors. This ensures savings for you.

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You can contact us by phone at +49 (0)751 766990-15 or by e-mail at The first step is to talk with us. We will incorporate the needs of your company in the design of your portal, while ensuring your corporate identity is visible at all times.




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