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Operating manuals created by specialists

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Operating manuals by tef-dokumentation

A key element for the success of your product: An operating manual that is easy to understand and contains important information in a clearly structured form. This is the only safe means of ensuring that customers are able to use new equipment correctly.
We specialise in documenting technical contents and organising such information in an easily understandable, structured form. Our work in this field also includes comprehensive research and data maintenance services. Our many years of experience in various industries is incorporated into all of our documentation, thus ensuring complete documentation is possible. In addition to being established in the motorhome, caravan and commercial vehicle industry, we are also successful in the field of construction machinery, agricultural machinery and plant construction.
Our team consists of specialists with professional expertise in each area who create high quality operating manuals that meet the highest standards. We work in close cooperation with our customers and can thus ensure that the operating manuals are created according to your individual wishes and requirements. Our documents are legally compliant and suitable for both end users and for the B2B sector.

Your advantage:
An easy-to-understand and well-structured operating manual enables your customers to put your product correctly into operation. In case of questions, the document provides customers with immediate valuable assistance. This not only ensures successful use of your equipment, it also reduces the workload in the area of customer support.

Your benefit:
We create your operating manuals at an agreed fixed price. This gives you total control over your costs and you can always work within your budget.

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We would be happy to create a customised offer for you. Besides the creation of operating manuals, we offer various other services related to technical documentation. To ensure your products are suitable for worldwide use, we offer technical translations into more than 30 different languages.



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