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Recourse processing by tef-dokumentation

If your customers make complaints due to faulty articles from your prior suppliers and the complaints are deemed justified, the entire process will need to be documented. The complete recording of data also gives you the opportunity to prove and enforce your claims to your prior suppliers.

We offer a software solution that provides complete and legally compliant documentation processes on the basis of which you can submit your recourse claims to your suppliers. All correspondence is centrally stored in the database, ensuring every step is transparent and reproducibly documented even after months or years. Repetitive tasks can be accelerated by automated processes. Your supplier is provided with all the relevant important information online, enabling him to comment on the cases quickly and non-bureaucratically, approve them online and directly take necessary steps. Account maintenance is simplified by interfaces to your ERP system. If you wish, debit memos or invoices to your suppliers can be created automatically.

Use the data collected and the easy access to it in order to ensure the quick and successful processing of recourse claims.

Your advantage:
All information and decisions are stored centrally. Short decision-making channels lead to fast turnaround times. Fast response times increase your customer satisfaction. Concise and clear indicators show the current status of your recourse claims at any time.

Your benefit:
Reduced costs for warranty and recourse processing through the optimal deployment of your employees. With auto-regress functions it is possible to automate and accelerate processes. No recourse claims are lost. Effectively prove and enforce your claims to your suppliers. Quick and reliable recovery of your money.

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We offer customised products that provide you with a legally sound basis for your recourse claims.




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