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New media in technical documentation

Technical documentation is an important source of reference to ensure the smooth deployment and problem-free maintenance of your products. The use of new media offers an efficient and modern solution for this purpose. Quick access to product-related data from any location is possible through the use of new media. Paperless processing reduces costs and provides more ways to deliver greater information. What new media are available?

You have the option of offering your customers web-based information on your corporate website and on the product websites. Applications for mobile devices or the creation of e-books are also possible. There are no limits to your imagination and there is a solution that fits perfectly for each area. We will develop concepts for your company that take into account the various media in compliance with statutory requirements and guidelines:


  • Print media
  • Desktop
  • eReaders
  • iPads
  • Android or Windows tablets
  • Phones


Data can be accessed through different devices depending on the technical capabilities of your customers. Basically, your product data from the operating instructions should be accessible to each of your customers in various ways. The spare parts catalogues have to be handled by your dealers quickly and also outside the office. The output media are an important factor here. Instructions and catalogues can be used on different output devices depending on your customers’ equipment. It is also important to research which customer group you are addressing. Are customers open to the use of new media or will they find it difficult to obtain the necessary information? Which parts of the technical documentation are more suited in digital form or paper-based? What are the legal requirements, for instance stipulated by product liability laws or jurisdiction (such as safety information according to ANSI)?



Always close to your customer

Your advantage:
Easy and error-free user interface handling is ensured by user-friendly presentation. Achieve results quicker. Our many years of experience in usability, data distribution and the necessary programming and program design enable us to respond to customer needs from various industries. Switching to new media demonstrates to your customers that your company is keeping pace with the zeitgeist and is focused on the future.

Your benefit:
The use of new media delivers real cost savings in several areas. Reduce the costs involved in creating printed information. In addition, a digital basis ensures that all data are always up to date and data maintenance remains flexible. Reduce your data distribution costs.

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